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Links listed here have added something to my existence,
I hope they do to your's...
The best is sometimes last



A must see web site of parodies, it makes me laugh!.

Free musical e-cards.

UBC Fine Arts Library
Web Resources for Photography from University BC.

I am Bored.
Even if your not bored do it!

Just a great quick view web directory.
Download Freeware and Shareware
Free on-line posting site. Great Site. Listings from City's all over the world

Inexpensive software

"The Great Illusion"
The reality of thoughts, words and surreal images

Atom Films - Independent films and parodies, submitted by anyone.
A must see!
Great music, Great quality, great price!

Universal Currency Converter

Photo Links Resource.

PhotographySites - Honest Answers for Budding Photographers BetterPhoto teaches photographers how to improve their photography. The site features online photography courses, Web sites for photographers, a free monthly photo contest, and great tips on photographic technique. A useful Q&A, photo discussions, and free email newsletters also provide expert help with all areas of photography.


Unblinking Eye – Vey solid photo resource site -

Photographers Tool Kit – Black & White World -

Camera Quest – Classic Collectible Camera Profiles - – Gateway to a ton of resources -

Graflex site dedicated to use and preservation of Speed Graphic Cameras -

Internet Directory of Camera Collectors (IDCC) - A moderated membership group of people with similar interests, namely collecting and using antique, classic and vintage cameras. -

George Eastman House – Kodak Historic Resources -

Ken Hough’s Deardorff Camera Historical Web Site-

Photographic Historical Society of Canada -

Gloriously Coloful Kodak Cameras – Details of colored Kodak Cameras -

Zeiss Historica Society – A ton of Zeiss links -

Zeiss Identification Page - Great for identifying Zeiss cameras by type and age based on Zeiss camera numbers -

Rolleiflex Interest Group -

Hasselblad Company -

History of KODAK Cameras: Tech Pub AA-13 (.pdf file download) -

Build A Better Bush?
Four more years? This November, Americans picked a President, lets pick on the President. At this site you are in charge of Mr. Bush's face


Been abroad recently and found yourself thrown out of restaurants because of cultural misunderstandings? If so, you'll rue not seeing this international food quiz earlier. At least you wouldn't have gone hungry.


Every now and then a web site comes along that you wish was tangible, where you could actually live out the site in the real world. This is one of them - Spank Bush. TOO FUNNY!


You might not have heard of Zlad!, Molvania's premier pop group, but after watching this you certainly won't forget them in a hurry.


Every day when Countdown ends, I turn a tad melancholy, as I have to wait another 24 hours for my lexigraphical fix. I can't play Scrabble, owing to an incident with a relative, a disputed triple word score and a fire - so thank Whiteley for the addictive Bookworm.


If you know of a Funny site let me know! Contact Me I will review and ad to this list for all to enjoy.












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